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A Hereford Beefstouw Danish Meat Excellence


A Hereford Beefstouw is another pleasurable dining establishment on Hutt St upholding decades of tradition. This is a great steakhouse of Danish origin and the fact they have established one of their restaurants in Adelaide (only in 4 countries incl Denmark, Greenland and Sweden) is amazing. The story does that the company sources meat from Australia and the natural progression was to establish a restaurant here. A Hereford Beefstouw is certainly a haven for steak lovers. I came here with my brother who recalls one of their Danish restaurants during his stay in Denmark.

Grand heritage listed building

We often hear about Angas beef but Hereford beef is top notch. Most of the meat served here is top grade Hereford beef from the south east. This is fine dining with excellent product. From paddock to plate.

Artistic logo

The fit out is quirky with quirky art on the walls, timber tables and funky lighting. The building itself is grand, and heritage listed. It looks amazing all lit up at night. There’s also a compelling outdoor area, with great ambience for lunch. In the middle of the restaurant is a salad area, with most salads involving simple items rather than mixes and complex salads (you put together your own salad). The hero here is definitely the meat.

Top grade cuts

This is about free range pasture fed cattle. Environmentally sustainable. We give the restaurant a tick for this policy.

A big decision is whether to go for the dry or wet aged grass fed (not grain fed) beef. The dry beef is aged (hung from a hook) for 20-40 days under controlled temperature and humidity, enhancing its tenderness. They don’t get the dry ageing in Denmark as the meat has to be vacuum packed for export.

Modern artistic interior

An artistic and comprehensive menu. Grab yourself some Coffin Bay Oysters or Hervey Bay Scallops. For mains you can connect with top grade Wagyu cuts, Sirloins, Rump, Rack of Lamb, Rib Eye, as well as all the salads. Prices are about what you’d expect to pay for top grade cuts (even in other steakhouses around the city). We ordered the Chateaubriand (500g being enough for 2 people) with Lobster Tail instead of the salad – a great way to go. Fine dining surf and turf. Of course A Hereford Beefstouw recommend “rare” to “medium” rather than “well done” cooking to get more flavoursome steak.

Lobster tail

We also opted for the fries – another winner. How can you beat great meat cuts, lobster and fries? Dude food heaven!

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