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Jenny's Gourmet Bakery A Parkside Icon


Cronut? Yes it's that amazing cross between a croissant and a doughnut. And no-one does it better than Jenny's Gourmet Bakery in Parkside. We were lured to Jenny's Gourmet Bakery by the cronut but were impressed by the high quality range of offerings here, as well as the architecture of this iconic bluestone building. This is about fresh house made bread, cakes and pastries that are top notch, as well as a delightful range of savoury treats. Jenny's Gourmet Bakery is one of those icons that's been around as a stunning bakery on Glen Osmond Road for years, but with their renovation they have come into the spotlight more in recent times as a delighful place to visit.

After a renovation Jenny's Gourmet Bakery has been the perfect place for the Parkside set to visit for catch ups, with the courtyard a compelling place to imbibe and relax with friends. You may find it hard to decide on what treats to enjoy here, as we did. We want it all!

Imbibing the cronut in the courtyard, with Glen Osmond Road the backdrop.

Tasty lunch options included this Croque Monsieur with rewarding melted cheese and thick cut bread. Importantly the coffee is excellent here, a good thing, as Bar 9 is across the road. We were also impressed by the engaging service here with the staff exuding a positive disposition. What amused us is that many customers just stood in front of the display cabinet staring just checking out the large range of spectacular items. Kudos in itself for Jenny's Gourmet Bakery.




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