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Fancy Burgers Hits the Spot

Having been raised in the Adelaide Hills we have seen several joints come and go at the site of Fancy Burgers in Blackwood. Yet this expression of nouveau burgers is the best yet, in fact a triumph. We checked out Fancy Burgers in Blackwood and were impressed by the modern fit out of this burger joint, the size and quality of the burgers, and the excellent service with the owner on hand.

The comprehensive menu offers a great deal of choice including the Fancy That burger with 100% South Aussie beef, Crispy Bacon and Cheese (our favourite), The Biggy (which also has a free range egg and beetroot), the Holy Smokes for that compelling smoky flavour and decent Veggie burgers. Also check out the chicken and lamb burgers, and Fancy steak sandwiches.

The price of burgers is extremely affordable at around $10-12 with The Biggy $13.50, with some burger joints around Australia starting to charge $15-20.

Buns are so important in the burger economy, an underestimated ingredient. We spoke with the owner about how he visited Melbourne where the brioche revolution is in full swing when it comes to burger buns. Yet these buns are not brioche, but more wholesome. Fair enough.

The burger buns at Fancy Burgers are purposely not sweet brioche burgers but they are fresh and of high quality. Personally I like brioche, but I don't care as long as the buns are top notch and "work".

We enjoyed the quality of the meat patty, decent lettuce and cheese, and the overall freshness and balance of the burger. The chips were also top notch, golden and crispy. Overall, Fancy Burgers is great value. I could easily make this joint my regular, and wish it was in play a decade or more ago. Surely among the best burgers in Adelaide. Image credit - The World Loves Melbourne.

The decor is modern and fits in with the Fancy Burger theme, with colourful seating, metallic counter, cool large logo and funky use of timber.

We were also able to enjoy a James Squire beer with our burger - perfect.

Chips are on song as golden goodness, with choice of 4 tasty sauces. Highly recommended.


FB's Fancy Burgers on Urbanspoon

FB's Fancy Burgers on Urbanspoon


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