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Best Gouger St Restaurants

Gouger Street is one of the foremost foodie hubs in Australia, with a concentration of fine restaurants and cafes. With a plethora of cuisines on offer nearly every taste is catered for. Here are some of our favourites-

BBQ City


BBQ City has been a stalwart of ours for years with tasty and affordable Chinese cuisine. The World Loves Melbourne drools over the ducks on display in the front window. Come here to dine solo, with a group or for that special occasion. This is casual dining with menu options posted on the walls. The Duck with rice is simple but rewarding and is our "go to" dish. Or go the Roast pork! We always grab a pot of Green tea to cut through any fatty meat. This is a BBQ restaurant so the dishes come with a crisp on the outside and some smoky flavours. Noodles here are also excellent. We judge Chinese restaurants on the standard of the Fried rice and BBQ City comes up trumps.

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T Chow is just off Gouger St in Moonta and is a late night haven for the hungry (at least for us) with superb Cantonese cuisine. Come here for hot pots and sweet and sour dishes. This is another place we come to for duck (being duck junkies).

Friends also rave about the Yum Cha here including pork dumplings and ox tripe. We've also visited for take away dishes late on a Friday night and haven't been disappointed.

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Gauchos has been a perennial favourite in Adelaide for years, and one of the finest Argentinian restaurants in the country. We believe Adelaide has the best Argentinian scene in Australia. The thing about Gauchos is you come here for the whole experience from ambience to service to the fine cuisine. This is about sexy meat, but not just sexy meat. 

While the steaks are massive here it isn't just about size. The cuts of meat are premium and they are cooked perfectly in the Argentinian style on the flaming grill. The sauces play a key role. Some of our happiest dining experiences in Adelaide have been at Gauchos. 

Gauchos are of course the cowboys of Argentina. My research is limited but they must have enjoyed meat!


Image credit: Gauchos Facebook

Some people are offended at the price but we embrace Gauchos knowing the prices before we go and understanding it's on a par with similar restaurants across Australia. We enjoy the outdoor setting on a warm day...

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Concubine is an award winning fine dining Chinese restaurant that is distinctive in the precinct. Here we have sophisticated dining with specialty dishes including Peking duck pancakes with superb thin casing of the pancakes and perfectly cooked duck. The crisp fried Barramundi is another highlight. We love the red theme at Concubine including bird cages, oriental paintings and red lanterns! This Chinese restaurant also has a decent wine list. Image credit: Concubine Facebook

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Lime & Lemon

Lime and Lemon serves up excellent Thai cuisine, and is another mainstay of Gouger St for years. We've visited this joint for business get togethers and farewell lunches. There's an emphasis on the local here with local seafood and Coopers finest beer.

The menu provides Thai classics but also innvoation with Thai dishes with a modern twist. Lime and Lemon steps up when it comes to spice including the Chilli Chicken and Pud Prik Hot Chilli to go with the fine char grilled dishes. 

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Paul's Seafood

Paul's Seafood is a sentimental favourite, delivering long lunches to business types for decades. Fruits of the Sea is a great way to imbibe the best of Paul's. This place has an enduring reputation with celebrities staying in Adelaide that we met a couple of years ago making a beeline for Paul's and claiming a great night. We used to meet here regularly for business catch ups. Sometimes you enjoy a restaurant with no frills but which has charm. Since 1946!

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East Taste

East Taste is one of our favourite restaurants in Gouger St with a menu that is compelling. Vinegar dry pork ribs baby! And the smoked tea duck is legendary - something we cannot resist. The smoky flavours with tea infusion works so well in complementing, even cutting through the fatty duck. We also enjoy the shallot cakes here. The ambience at East Taste is also a winner as a modern Asian restaurant, with decent tables and chairs.

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Cafe Kowloon

Affordable Chinese cuisine at Cafe Kowloon, a pleasant Hong Kong style eatery serving Cantonese food, including decent vegetarian options. Come here for Steamed barramundi and the Salted eggplant, with options that are interesting and somewhat authentic. Bay Berry Duck is a compelling dish and Cafe Kowloon is another hit in the duck belt.

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Star of Siam


Star of Siam is an award winning restaurant and stands tall when it comes to Thai cuisine. Some restaurants just "get it right". They demonstrate that Thai food is so much more than Pad Thai and a good Green Curry. What we love is that Star of Siam stays true and doesn't "dumb" the menu down to appease Western tastes. Thai food should have decent heat, but not just to whack us, but with layers and nuances. It should also bring the salty, the sweet and the sour. Plus ultra freshness and decent crunch.

Come here for decent dumplings and superb soft shell crab. and check out the crisp Barramundi. Image Credit: Star of Siam Facebook 

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Ying Chow

Ying Chow is another mainstay affordable Chinese restaurant in Gouger Street. The menu is similar to others in the precinct including excellent Tea smoked duck, shallot pancakes and decent noodles. Come here also for claypots and vinegar pork ribs.

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