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La Trattoria Award Winning Italian Cuisine

La Trattoria is an iconic restaurant of Adelaide and has been a place we've visited a couple of times with each occasion having been rewarding. This restaurant has been acclaimed for its top notch pizzas and we have sampled some of these and can attest to their brilliance. Come here for Andy's Marinara Fresh Seafood Pizza, the winner of the "Best Gourmet Pizza" competition in South Australia, then Australia and then New York. Also excellent is the Pizza La Trattoria with fresh tomato, cheese, smoked mussels, prawns, ham, anchovies, and oregano. Yet there are so many excellent options on the menu. We feel La Trattoria does seafood exceptionally well.

We enjoy the ambience of La Trattoria. It feels like you're coming home. There's a sense of comfort and homeliness here, as well as a touch of class. More than most Italian joints in Adelaide.

La Trattoria also shines when it comes to pasta. We enjoyed this Spaghetti Marinara with scallops, fresh large prawns, calamari, mussels and tomato. (The only food picture we took this day). What a dish - all you could want in a fruits of the sea pasta dish. The generous portion of seafood is of a high quality and perfectly cooked. And we don't mind piling on the parmesan.

Here is the La Trattoria story as described on the website,

"3 generations of restaurateurs! Read how it is now one of the oldest restaurants in Adelaide and is still owned and operated by the original proprietors, Andrea(Andy) and Natale(Chris).

This is no small achievement and the restaurant is busier than ever. With Andrea being crowned the world’s best pizza maker in New York and family tradition that dates back to 1968,  is it any wonder La Trattoria is such a success. Antonino Parisi, their father, operated Marcellinas and it was there that the boys learned how to make pizza. All other Italian cuisine was taught by who else but Mama!

With the growing success of their father’s restaurant, a sister restaurant was born.

Image credit: La Trattoria website.

In 1975 La Trattoria was established by Andrea and his brother, Natale Parisi. Many stories make up the history of this little piece of Italy, which is well known for its old school service from traditional Italian waiters.

This new restaurant, La Trattoria, would be a logical progression for the boys and their restaurant would reach high acclaim amongst the restaurant industry in a relatively short period of time. Its trademark is without a doubt its pizza menu.

As a well renown eating place today, La Trattoria is a meeting place for celebrities such as Mick Jagger, Jon Bon Jovi, Michael Hutchinson, Ayrton Senna, Eric Bana, Simply Red to name just a few, and boasts loyal customers such as AFL football teams, Jamie Durie, Australian sporting teams and many more. For all of these patrons I am sure they have eaten in some mighty fine establishments in their time, just as you have, yet the culinary delights and Andrea’s and Chris’s charisma entice their return every time."

La Trattoria is superbly set up so you can even order online.

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