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Adelaide Pho Bringing the Broth

Adelaide Pho is a standout for pho in Adelaide, but not exclusively pho. Vietnamese cuisine is covered here in its diversity and you can imbibe the pork chops and the Roast duck egg noodles for example. This place is not the Ritz with plain decor but it's all about the food, attracting a diverse customage.

Adelaide Pho does however specialise in the Beef Noodle Soup as its signage suggests. Large bowls of pho are the ultimate comfort food and we hear that this is healthy cuisine. Interestingly pho is a refreshing dish in the height of summer, as well as a winter warmer.

The key to any decent pho is the broth, where Adelaide Pho excels. A generous portion of thin medium rare beef and sliced sausage greets the diner. In fact there's a lot going on with this pho. The side plate of chilli, lemon, herbs and sprouts are welcome - if you can fit them in the bowl.

Adelaide Pho is a bustling affordable eatery that plays to its strengths.

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The World Loves Adelaide