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Zeea's Eatery Hits The Mark in Glenunga

Zeea’s Eatery - 553 Portrush Road Glenunga
Italian Influenced Eatery
Phone 8338 4033
by Rob Jenkins
Winter is a great time for exploring different places to eat. Sure there’s the more popular spots like Rundle Street and Gouger Street in the city, but Adelaide offers some great hidden gems to experience if explore the less traveled spots. 
Zeea’s Eatery can be found at 553 Portrush Road Glenunga next to Tony and Mark’s - and Adelaide traditional fine food store. Zeea’s is described as “an Italian influenced eatery with a passion for serving the best food and drink and atmosphere”.
And they deliver. We stopped by on a Saturday afternoon for lunch. I’d had coffee from there before and it’s always been perfect. I’m a soy macchiato lover and even though I don’t drink any other coffee so can’t compare, it seems that not many cafe’s get the macchiato just right. Either too bitter or not the right mix of soy and coffee.  Zeea’s do however so I thought I’d start my lunch with one plus orange juice for both of us. 
I love experimenting with food but am limited due to being gluten and dairy intolerant. My wife is a conservative diner and enjoys simple but well produced meals. So we’re a bit of a unique mix when we head out. The team led by Michael at Zeea’s were immediately helpful and friendly. Michael greets you with a warm smile and seats us in a great spot by the window. Nice natural light helps with the photos … 
The juice comes and it’s fresh squeezed and sweet. Another plus. Sometimes you’ll get a fresh squeezed orange juice that’s a touch sour.. not here though.
She orders Fish and Chips (told you she was conservative) and it comes with Butterfish covered in a light batter which is cooked til it’s crispy and served with garlic aioli with capers and chunky Zeea’s wedges which are a cross between a baked potato and a wedge. Her verdict - delicious! Fish is fresh and tasty and the batter is just right.
The dip is a great contrast to the seafood. 
Price : $18.90
As I said, I can be difficult only due to being lactose and wheat intolerant so when the friendly waitress takes our order I simply explain that I’d love pasta with no wheat and a sauce with no dairy. Please add some chicken I ask and she confirms that won’t be a problem at all. A few minutes later she comes back and explains the chef is preparing something with the traditional Nonna Annita’s Napoletana Sauce. It arrives and the pasta is just right - gluten free pasta can be tricky and is easy to over or undercook. But the chef get’s it just right. The sauce is a tangy Italian sauce with broccoli, celery, capsicum and of course chicken. If you’re gluten and dairy free and want a great pasta you must visit Zeea’s.
Price $17.00
Orange juice : $4.90
Soy Macchiato : $4 ($3 with regular milk)
Zeea’s also has an excellent breakfast menu including waffles, crepes, a great range of egg dishes including one that caught my eye the Mountain High with 2 free range eggs (choice of fried, scramble or poached) along with grilled Zammit bacon, Italian sausage, SA mushrooms, grilled tomato, and sautéed baby spinach on toast. Lunch and dinners feature a mix of pasta dishes, risotto and some delicious sounding focaccia meals for those wanting a quick bite. Kids are catered for too and Zeea’s offers a good range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and sweets. 
The ambience is excellent with a relaxed feel and lots of seating. It’s clean and modern but with a lively feel as the baristas are busy making coffee’s for those on the go. The service too is excellent and Michael heads up a friendly and efficient team that are happy to spend a minute talking about the food and really isn’t that what dining, especially Italian dining is all about? Friendship, time to breath and relax and spend an hour or so just relaxing and enjoying good traditional food.
While this might sound like an ad for Zeea’s it isn’t. It’s simply a reflection of a great eatery with quality food and staff that make you glad you dropped in. 
Highly Recommended. 

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